Why we need Filling

Lot of bacteria live on your teeth. Every time you eat something that they enjoy eating, such as candy, you provide food for them. Feeding these little creatures doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, but it is!
After they eat, they produce a very strong acid that eats away at your teeth. If you don’t remove this sticky layer of bacteria (commonly known as plaque) by brushing and flossing, the bacteria will keep destroying a tiny amount of your tooth structure every day until you get a hole in your tooth. These holes are known by many names, such as tooth decay, cavities, and dental caries.

Filling details and Steps

Dentist at SOHO dental recommend you filling which is suited to your need. Major steps for Filling as follow:

  • When getting a filling is to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure.
  • Dentists usually do this by using an anaesthetic.
  • Getting Your Mouth Ready.
  • Removing the Tooth Decay.
  • Replacing the Decayed Tooth with a Filling.