What are Dental bridges

Dental bridges replace missing teeth with artificial teeth and literally “bridge” the gap where one or more teeth used to be.

Is Dental bridge is best suit for you

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may feel discomfort when chewing and speaking and to feel embarrassed because of how your mouth looks. Dental bridges can help restore your natural beautiful smile.


Dental bridges are restorations that patients use to replace missing teeth. The gap left behind from a missing tooth needs to be addressed to avoid the shifting of adjacent teeth. Bridges use the two surrounding teeth to hold up the false tooth, called the pontic, above the gum line to act as a replacement. The bridge is supported by two crowns that are fused to the pontic and bonded to the top of the surrounding teeth. This requires that the dentist remove a small portion of the Structure from the adjacent teeth to properly bond the crowns over the top and keep the bridge in place. Bridges are most often made with porcelain to blend with the patient’s smile cosmetically.